JBauer Inc offers our customers locally outsourced project management experience and expertise. We have performed a variety of complex electrical project management services to general contractors, owners, property managers, realtors, and development firms.

We can provide expert project management by implementing 40 years of experience into your project managing costs, billings, change order opportunities, quality control, RFI’s, submittals and project closeout. We will oversee all aspects of project from commencement to completion with acute attention to major purchase cost saving, project means/methods and potential change order opportunities. We will manage the project in a manner that exceeds your customers’ expectations and ensures that your work adheres to all company safety policies and OSHA mandated requirements.

How We Can Assist

  • If you are affected by the current economic conditions, we can provide Project Management (PM) coverage on an as-needed basis without the recurring expenses of a full or part-time employee.
  • If you are attempting to free yourself from Project Management (PM) tasks in order to focus on other areas of your business, we can assist you with the PM role.
  • If you have an effective Project Management (PM) team that occasionally has more to do than they can handle, we can increase your capabilities on an as-needed basis.
  • If you have a project that requires a little more PM experience and expertise than your current team has we can assist with the Project Management to provide the desired comfort level.
  • If you are expanding your client base and adding new Project Management (PM) demands, we can fill the role.

Whatever capacity you need our team to fill, we can assist you meet your goals. Our Project Manager works closely with your team members to help comprise a smooth and timely project completion.

Our customers are our highest priority. Therefore, your Company Intellectual Property is held in strict confidence. If desired, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be executed. We do all that we can to maintain a strong working relationship with all our customers.

What to expect

  • Decisive, focused project leadership.
  • Accountable to you and your co-workers.
  • Prepare monthly billings and monitor project costs
  • Oversee pre-con meetings to ensure successful handoff from estimating to field
  • Negotiate and procure light fixtures and controls, switchgear, subcontractors, and high value material items.
  • Collaborate with prefabrication and design departments
  • Set clear goals and expectations to foreman
  • Provide coaching/counseling to foreman.
  • Negotiate and resolve all customer concerns.
  • Identify, estimate, and negotiate to acceptance all project change orders
  • Develop/maintain professional relationships within your client base.
  • Manage project closeout procedure
  • Conduct post project reviews to determine areas for future improvement

Project Management Approach

We take pride in our electrical project management. Our goal is to make sure that each and every job runs as smoothly as possible. In order to achieve this, we make every effort to expose issues before they become costly problems. From anticipatory RFIs, to field coordination meetings, to weekly job status updates, we make sure to keep everything running as seamless as possible, even on the most difficult projects. Not only do we foresee possible problems in the office, we stress a proactive approach to our field personnel to keep both sides of the project working as effectively as possible.

JBauer Inc provides professional electrical project management services. Our experience depth in electrical project management enables us to deliver the best possible profitability while maintaining a professional and positive working relationship with your clients.

Project Management Pricing

3% of project revenue including change orders payable net 10 upon receipt of project payment.

Ready to Move Forward...

Call or email Info@JBauerInc.com today. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.


Electrical Pre-Construction Services:

  • Budget estimating
  • Value engineering
  • LEED and Green Building consultation
  • Cost-modeling
  • Project scheduling
  • Permitting

Electrical Project Management Services:

  • Schedule implementation
  • Quality control
  • Communication management
  • Field reports and project updates
  • Construction site management